Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures from Fourth Lesson...

I realized that I never posted the pictures that Foxfire took during my fourth lesson with Christine. Here is a link to the lesson 4 album which has a fair number of the numerous pics my sweetie took.

From looking at the pictures, I realized that I tend to lean a bit forward at the posting trot:

And that I lean a bit backwards during the sitting trot:

Also that my hands are just about always too high (Though at least I'm not leaning forward or backward in this pic):

Also, in most pictures, my legs are too far forward and I need to tuck my elbows in. And in every picture my knees and feet are turned way too far out. Tucking my elbows in shouldn't take too much work(I hope), but from my discussion with Christine, getting my legs back will just take time. My feet will probably always point a little out since I am duck toed, but I can work on getting my knees/legs to go forward rather than out.

As for when I was cantering, I look pretty awkward in most of the pics. Not too surprising since it was my first time cantering off a lunge line. But according to JJ, I actually look pretty decent in this pic:

Anyway, feel free to look at the other pictures and give me feedback if you so desire.

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  1. LOL, you have just described EVERY problem I have! I lean back too much at the sitting trot, stick my elbows out (just ask Fuzzypony how many times she reminded me of this last night), and draw my leg up. It's always something, but identifying the problem in the first place allows you to focus and work on it in future rides. And you are DEFINITELY making LOTS of PROGRESS!!!