Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love my automotive service center!

Ever since I moved to Cedar Park about 12 years ago, I've been going to the same automotive service center to have my van worked on. I usually bring my van there for oil changes and other regular maintenance as well. They have always taken really good care of me. They have regularly driven me home after I dropped my van off so that I wouldn't have to spend hours in their waiting room. Then they would come and picked me up when my van was ready. They've done pre-long trip check ups on the van for me with no charge. And on the rare occasion that my van actually did need something fixed, I have never gotten the feeling that they have overcharged me or tried to take advantage of me in anyway. And they very easily could have since I know very little about engines and such.

Recently, they went above and beyond even their usual excellent service. One morning my husband's car wouldn't start. When he turned the key nothing happened at all. Since he really had to get to work that day for a big project, he took my van and left his car at home with me. I called Cedar Park Tire and Service and asked Dwain what he thought the problem was. He said it was probably the battery and suggested that I try and jump-start the car and bring it in. Unfortunately, that wasn't feasible for a couple of reasons. First, Foxfire had already left with my van. Second, even if I had another vehicle with which to perform the jump-start, I can't drive my husband's car because it has a standard transmission and I can only drive automatic. However, Dwain was determined to help me.

He sent one of his workers who knew how to drive standard to my house with a jump-start gadget, and he drove my husband's car to the shop, leaving behind Dwain's automatic transmission truck. Dwain said that he wasn't going to be using his truck during the day and that it could stay at my house till my husband had a chance to leave work and meet me at the service center. So my husband's car made it to the shop, and I was able to stay comfortably at home until late afternoon, when I returned Dwain's truck, Foxfire picked up his car with it's new battery installed, and I drove my van home. How is that for service?!?!?! Not many places would go to those lengths to help out a customer.

So if you live in the Cedar Park, TX area and you ever need new tires or service work done on your vehicle, I highly recommend:

Cedar Park Tire & Service
104 N Bell Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613-2917
(512) 335-5093

Dwain, Dave and Mark will take good care of you.

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