Monday, May 24, 2010

What's Blooming -- Late March

This past March, my friend JJ posted some pictures of the wildflowers blooming near her new house and asked her readers to post pictures of the flowers near their houses. I grabbed my husband's fancy camera and started taking pictures and a new hobby was born. Turns out I really like taking pictures of flowers. I've always liked taking pictures to some extent, but it was mainly during vacations and at special events. I had never really thought much about taking pictures of ordinary flowers. Of course part of my enjoyment comes from having such a nice camera to use. I can take really close up pictures of teeny tiny flowers and blow them up nice and big so that they can be seen without having to crawl around on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass. I like taking pictures of larger flowers as well, but my real joy comes from discovering the itty bitty flowers that would normally be overlooked and making them prominent in the picture.

At first I tried to look up and identify all the flowers that I didn't know the name of, but that turned out to be very time consuming. I eventually gave up and just gave simple descriptive names to the flowers I couldn't identify. BTW, if you know what any of the unknown flowers are, or if I have mis-labeled any of the flowers, please let me know in the comments section. You can see some of my better pictures in my What's Blooming -- Late March photo album. But here are some of my favorite pictures and pictures of some of the unknown wildflowers that I would like to identify. All of these wildflowers bloomed in the Texas Hill Country in late March. (I know... I know. These pictures are from March and it's now May. I'm behind on my posts. Sorry.)

The ever popular Texas Bluebonnet.

An intact Dandelion puff.

An unknown itty bitty blue flower.

Showing exactly how small the itty bitty blue flower is, less than a quarter of an inch in diameter.

A peach blossom.

An Old Blush rosebud.

A Lady Banks White rose.

Unknown tiny white flowers, about a quarter of an inch in diameter.

Unknown very small white flowers, about a third of an inch in diameter.

Unknown grass bloom.

Unknown narrow petaled yellow flower.

Unknown small pink flower, less than half an inch in diameter.

Unknown tiny pink and purple flowers, less than a quarter inch in diameter.

Purple Prairie Verbena

Wild Allium

Unknown yellow flowers

A pretty lavender blue Anemone

White anemones

Bladderpod. An unattractive name for a cute little (about 1/2 inch) flower. You can see one of the pods behind the flowers.

A white Iris

A mulberry bloom

Pear blossoms

Sherardia Arvensis, tiny lavender flowers, less than a quarter inch in diameter, but very prolific.

Tiny Yellow Clover. It's actually called "Tiny Yellow Clover", that's not my description.


Ok, so I posted a lot of pictures. I actually took hundreds, so I've edited the selection down a good bit. I hope you enjoyed looking at ones I posted. If you want to see more, check out my What's Blooming -- Late March photo album. The names of the flowers (known and unknown descriptions) are at the end of the direct link if you are curious. Feel free to make comments and/or tell me the names of flowers.

Okay, so I lied...

I did not get pictures and a post about the Lysts of Castleton up in a timely manner. In fact, I'm still not really posting about Lysts. Turns out every time I try to edit the pictures, it reminds me of how upset I was that I was not able to participate in the first Lysts held since I finally got my own horse. I get all cranky and frustrated and end up doing something else just to escape all the negative emotions thinking about Lysts generates. So who knows if I'll ever get the pictures edited or a post made. I'm writing this post to basically give myself permission to move on and write posts about all the flower pictures I've been taking, the new hens I bought and all the other more positive stuff going on in my life.

Unfortunately, there is some negative stuff remaining in that I am still in pain from my broken tailbone and dislocated ribs. I can't even sit on a nice squishy chair without pain, so I definitely can't sit in a saddle. SIGH... The chiropractor says that it isn't unusual for a tailbone to take so long to heal. Since you can't immobilize it and it's in a part of your body that you really can't avoid using, it can take a really long time to heal. Dr P also noticed that I was still favoring my right leg even though it quit hurting a while back. He told me to be aware of it and to try to take more even strides and it would help with both my tailbone and my rib pain. I'm not sure why my ribs are still bothering me. Maybe because I keep doing things to aggravate them like trimming and hauling large tree branches and mucking out the stable. But these things need to be done. Oh well...

I'll start posting more upbeat stuff soon.