Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weekend to Remember... Hopefully...

I'm too tired to write a full post tonight, but I'll just mention that I had a very busy weekend. On Friday, I had my first lesson with Christine Bergeron of Cadence Ranch. It went very well and I am looking forward to taking more lessons with her. Friday evening, JJ, Foxfire and I drove out to Pine Hill, an eventing facility. We spent the night in JJ's pickup bed camper which was surprisingly nice. In the morning, JJ and Foxfire took a cross country jumping lesson and I followed them around taking pictures(you can see some of the pictures in my Pine Hill May 2009 album). That afternoon, we went blueberry picking at a "pick your own" farm in Hockley. Then we had lunch in a fantastic diner called "Must be Heaven" in Brenham. Finally, we went back to Pine Hill, picked the horses up and headed home. Sunday, Foxfire and I went to Dripping Springs to see a horse that I was interested in(that story is too complicated to summarize here). I'll try to write a blog for each day when I'm not so tired. I hope that I can remember everything.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Foxfire taking a bank up with Ziggy, while JJ on Saga waits her turn.

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