Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kanemura's Birthday

I've been asked to put more cute pictures of the donkeys in my blog. Surprisingly enough, I really don't have that many pictures of the donkeys. I usually take pictures when other people are riding and I don't have anything else to do. When I'm with my donkeys, I'm usually busy doing things with the donkeys and am not taking pictures. However, there is one memorable occasion where I grabbed my camera to record images of the event -- the day Kanemura was born.

Now I don't have pictures of when he was just born because I was busy cleaning out his nose and mouth and drying him off and imprinting him with human touch. But as soon as he was breathing clearly and reasonably dry, I grabbed the camera. I got some good shots as he was first learning to stand up. Admittedly, some aspects of birth aren't exactly cute(please ignore the afterbirth).

He's thinking about it...

Okay, he's got his back feet up... sort of...

Nose plant!

Three feet up... sort of...

Almost there...

Made it!

Standing all on his own!

"It's okay, Mom! I've got it!"

Coming to check out the photographer.

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