Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This is going to be a rant. Fair warning.

Tina Walsh, a highly respected dressage instructor is in town teaching lessons this week in DASH's arena. She lives in Mexico and only comes to teach in Texas occasionally. My husband and a number of my friends are taking lessons this afternoon. I was supposed to go and watch and take pictures. However...

When I went to get in my van to drive over there (Hubby had ridden over with SH when he came to pick up our horses using his truck and trailer), Hubby's car was parked directly behind mine in the driveway blocking me in. I can't move his car because, for one thing, I don't have a set of keys to it, and for another thing, he insisted on buying a car with a standard transmission despite the fact that I can't drive a standard transmission, so even if I had the keys, I still wouldn't be able to move his car. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

I was looking forward to seeing Tina again even I couldn't take a lesson because of a recent knee injury. I was looking forward to watching Hubby take a lesson using my horse, Shadowfax, and a couple of our friends taking lessons on hubby's horse, Ziggy. I was looking forward to getting out of the house and socializing with my friends, which I really don't get to do very often. And I CAN'T get out of the damn house because hubby just had to have a standard transmission car and didn't realize that he had parked it in way that blocks me in.

This is not a good day.

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