Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shadowfax Playing

A while back, my husband managed to get some pictures of Shadowfax running around the pasture and playing. This is quite an accomplishment, because usually, as soon as the critters hear us open the door to come outside and take a picture, they stop whatever cute thing they are doing and turn and look at us. It is very frustrating. I just want to yell,"Ignore the human and keep playing!"

Anyway, my husband's camera is pretty fancy, and if you hold down the button, it will take a picture every 1/4 of a second. The following seven pics were all taken only 1/4 of a second apart.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superhorse! (Maybe I should have named him Pegasus.)

Yup. My horse can do a complete 180 in a little over half a second. That's how he threw me. He didn't buck. He just sort of ducked his head and did a 180 so fast it sling-shotted me off his back.

Here are a couple of more pics of him showing off his athleticism.

And another sequence of pics shot 1/4 of a second apart.

Not something you really want to see up close.

Don't worry, for that last shot, the photographer, Foxfire, was actually about 20 feet away and on the other side of a fence. Shadowfax was not trying to kick him, he was just playing.


  1. lol! That last photo...yeh, I've had that same view from way too close and got the broken bones in my face and the stitches to always remind me to steer clear of the double barrel maneuver! gah!

    Shadowfax sure can move. He's very athletic and handsome to boot. He sort of reminds me of my previous horse, a paint mare who did barrel racing, reining and cutting.
    She did a similar move to dislodge me....she was always very reactive and often bolted, spun, ran backwards, bucked, but the one move that sent me flying was a 10 foot teleportation with a jump and twist sideways.

    Unfortunately for me, when she was just about done her gymnastics moves, I shot off sideways and my knee bent the wrong way. Cost me a very painful surgery and year rehab to replace a severed ACL.


    I don't remember how I ended up over here at your blog, but I'm glad I did. :)