Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flood Aftermath Part 3: Clean up

I am waaay behind in posting about the flood. I got too busy actually doing stuff to post about it. Anyway...

We had so many downed trees and tangles of vines and fence debris and all sorts of other flood debris along the south side of our property that we hired our hay guy to come out with his bobcat and help us clean stuff up on the Saturday after the flood.

You can see the beginning of what turned out to be a HUGE burn pile as well as some of the bent and twisted fence panels in the foreground.

But even with the bobcat to do the heavy lifting, there was still a lot of work that had to be done by hand.

Fortunately, Foxfire's dad came over to help us out. And our hay guy brought an assistant.

We also had to take down all the fencing that was damaged, but not completely washed away.

Foxfire taking down the part of the orchard fence that was damaged.

On Sunday, Foxfire's father and his sister's fiance, Mac, came out to help us continue cleaning things up. While taking a break Mac found some fossilized shells in a somewhat rocky area of our pasture. Sadly, I did not think to take pictures of them.

After the first weekend, I was feeling healthier and so I started helping out again with the cleanup. Basically, every day, while Foxfire was at work, I would go out and sort usable fence panels and t-posts from the unusable ones, and clean up smaller debris. I also looked at the creek and the land alongside it and made plans for where we wanted our new fence line and gates to go. When Foxfire got home from work, we would both go out and finish demolishing the damaged fences and cleaning up the heavier debris. On a couple of evenings, friends of Foxfire came by and helped us work up until it got too dark to see. By the next weekend, there was still some cleanup that needed to be done along the creek, but the fence lines were clear and we were ready to start re-building.

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