Friday, June 18, 2010

Second Lunge Session

I lunged Shadowfax again on Tuesday evening, and I think things went quite well for our second time. I still had to ask several times for trot and canter and had to flip the whip a bit, but this time he only did one rather mild buck the first time I asked for canter. Aside from that one little buck, there were no other fireworks. He still isn't responding to commands promptly, but he does seem to be getting a little better about it. And after lunging both directions, he actually stopped when I asked him to "ho". Since we'd done both directions fairly thoroughly, I decided that was a strong positive note to end on and so we did.

Before I lunged him, I also sprayed him with fly spray and though he still sidled around a bit, he did much better than he did the previous time.

It rained yesterday, and today I just don't feel up to working with him, but hopefully this weekend, I'll work with him some more and he will continue to improve.

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