Sunday, September 27, 2009

Interesting times... Surgery

I am currently recovering from the surgery to remove the cyst from my abdomen. It turned out to be a more "interesting" surgery than planned. Because of where they thought the cyst was, the doctors had planned to do the the surgery completely transvaginally. Assuming that the cyst was were they thought it was, that would be both the most efficient and least invasive way to do it. Unfortunately, once they went in there, the cyst wasn't where they thought it was. It wasn't on the outside of the peritoneum, it was on the inside. And so they had to go in with three laparoscopes to find the cyst so they could remove it. However, when they went in laparoscopically, they found more than the cyst. There was apparently a fair amount of endometriosis which needed to be removed(which they went ahead and removed since they were already doing the surgery) AND there was an old abdominal hernia that I'd apparently been running around with for fifteen years that needed to be stitched up, so they stitched that up as well. And of course, they did eventually find and remove the cyst. So... the surgery ended up being rather more complicated than originally intended. However, in spite of all the extra work, everything went well, and I am recovering. Just a bit slower than I thought that I would. I certainly won't be posting about riding any time soon.

Of course, since I still don't have a horse of my own, that's not such a big deal. The horse that I really liked that came back on the market... not the same horse. It's amazing what a month with an angry abusive son of a bitch can do to a good horse. Maybe I'll write about what happened in another blog post. But you can see from one of my posts on facebook how I feel about matters:

People who take healthy, happy, friendly, willing horses and abuse them into skinny, scared, fearful animals should be whipped bloody, have saddles strapped to their backs so that they rub incessantly against their wounds, and be left without any medical care or adequate food.

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