Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeping notes pays off

Keeping all those notes about the horses that I've called on or looked at has had an unexpected dividend. I saw this ad on CraigsList posted by a girl looking for the horse that she was forced to sell years ago:

Looking for a long lost horse... - $1 (Bastrop, Austin)

Please don't flag. I am looking for a Thoroughbred Mare I sold a couple of years ago to a girl named **edited** who lived in Bastrop. She has since been sold again. Her registered name is **edited**. She is a Chestnut mare about 16hands, approx 13 years old. She was extremely sensitive and flighty and accident prone. I would like to know she has a good home and I would be willing to buy her back if her current owners aren't happy with her. I was forced to sell her during a rough time in my life and regret it very much. So please if you know of this horse email me any information. Her barn name when I sold her was **edited**.

I recognized the horse's registered name, looked in my notes for the contact info of the person selling her and passed it on to the person looking for the horse. She sent me an email thanking me for the info and later sent me one telling me that she was able to find her horse because of the info that I gave her. It made me feel really good.

The ad now reads...

Looking for a long lost horse... FOUND! - $1 (Bastrop, Austin)

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